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Posted @withregram • @msclaireoliverio Brooke Zelinski. . . “You are the most confident and strong woman I have ever met, and I am so proud to call you my friend.” “I love the energy Brooke brings with her! Always so upbeat and fun!” “Def my favourite person.” “She’s super passionate, talented, and an all-around great person to be around!” “Hilarious! “You always made me laugh in choir and I loved you at the Kaleidoscope Koncert!” “We go back to the first year of guides when we were both 9 years old. 9 years of the most amazing, wild, adventurous, weird and hilarious friendship ever! I love the fact that we don’t fight anymore after camping trips LOL. We always never talk for like a week after girl guide camps, until the one day we didn’t in Pathfinders. That was a true sign of how much we have grown and matured. I love you with all my heart (btw my mum says hi and that she loves you too). You aren’t a friend – you are beyond that. You are a family friend that has been in my life for almost 10 whole years!! Next year, man, 1 more year and we can celebrate it lol love you.” . . . Dear Brooke, In September you knocked on my door and said, “Hi, Ms. Oliverio, I’m Brooke. I’m just wondering if we’re allowed to eat in the choir room because of the new floors – I know we just got shiny, new floors so I wanted to check with you. I’m totally okay eating lunch in the hall before coming into the choir room.” It might seem silly, but in those few sentences, you communicated much more to me than floors and food. I recognized your innate warmth to reach out and embrace others with your kindness. I recognized your strong sense of self to make yourself known, honestly and openly. And lastly, I recognized the deep reverence you hold for everything and everyone that has a place in this world. Thank you; a mind like yours will do great things. Congratulations, graduate! Here’s to more Zelinski adventures! Warmly, Ms. Oliverio . . #MRSSGrad #MRSSMusic #Grad2020 #sd42

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